Hi there!

Please accept my apologies for neglecting lazer-crafts for quite a few months now, I’ve been working on a new project which I would like to introduce to you today: my own Etsy shop name CYCLONE.

CYCLONE was born out of my passion for thrift shopping, thriving to find lost treasuries such as a hand sewn dress made out of pure silk adorned with neverseenbefore prints, but struggling to manage to wear these on a daily basis.

I’ve been refashioning second-hand clothing for quite a time already, as a consequence I stacked more clothing than I can wear but still love the creative process of finding those hidden treasuries, thinking about which adjustments would make it easier to wear every day, and transform them into original yet wearable items that still have all the history of vintage clothing without making me look like an old-fashioned eccentric.

I also tried to find a way to create clothing in a different manner, which would not be polluting, would not involve low cost work in Asia, and would allow for a better quality at an accessible price. Vintage clothing has the incomparable advantage of having been made before the era of planned obsolescence: they tend to be made out of high quality fabric with more resistant seams than what we see in clothing produced nowadays.

Indeed, I believe we all are increasingly interested in having a new approach to buying clothing: we want pieces that last, that are produced in conditions that do not make us blush, that do not add up to the bill we already have towards the environment, and that reveal our personal beauty in a unique manner.






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