Indonesia Indonesia

Hi there,

This summer we left Paris behind for a whole month in Indonesia, to enjoy the most diverse and beautiful places I’ve ever seen (outside of France of course ūüėČ ) : live volcanos, fish-full turquoise water, fluorescent rice paddies, and so on.

For a whole month I did not really care about how I dressed (which is clearly refreshing) due to the numerous hours travelling¬†in packed buses, the 30-35 humid celsius degrees and the amount of time spent in a bathing suit. But the country’s colour inspired me to try put more bright pops of red, blue, green and yellow in my daily routine.


P1100440 IMG_1250

P1100445P1100460 P1100557 P1100568  P1100603  P1100632 IMG_1226 P1100659 IMG_1664 IMG_1726 IMG_1777IMG_1808 IMG_1816 IMG_1873  IMG_1949 IMG_1959 IMG_1984    P1100829

PS : I didn’t put legend on each picture but if you wish to know where any one of those has been taken, don’t hesitate to ask!


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