Skirt DIY ideas

As part of my classic new years eve resolutions, I’ve decided (just like last year, the year before and the year before that) to stop buying so many clothes and up-cycle my existing wardrobe, starting with skirts (why not). Sooo here are a few inspirational pictures for skirt DIYs.

Add tulle of lace all over the skirt, or at the bottom only (pictures are from the Sartorialist and aPair&aSpare)

110814JahC2640Web 91914Mis6B8733Webunnamed 14350845756_93e9060511_b

Add a piece of colourful fabric or a frill to pimp a classic monotone skirt :


..I was also thinking of adding jewels to a straight skirt, of cutting out scallops at the bottom, and of course I always like to cut 5 cm off the bottom of all skirts and dresses that do not look short enough to me, then regret that it’s just not wearable to work, to family parties, without black tights and with high heels.

Any DIY you’d think work best among these ones ?


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