Making of a wedding dress

Mariage Veronique Fabre et Clement Atlan. 20/9/2014 © david atlan101

My cousin Vero did me the great honour of asking me to sew her wedding dress. It was quite a frightening project, sounded pretty far out of my reach at first, yet she thought I could do it so it had to be the case…
I spent a looooot of time on this, partly explains why I haven’t posted anything in months on later-crafts, but it was, as you’d expect, completely worth it.
Might just have had one moment though during the process when I felt like I was losing patience : when my other cousin thought useful to ask me 2 weeks before the wedding if I shouldn’t have used a completely different pattern for the top (whaaaaat?), after letting Vero know that the skirt was definitely missing half a inch in length (the hand-sewn 3-meter long hem was already done at that point, of course).
Ok, a second moment when I almost got nervous as well : when I kept adjusting half a inch here, half a inch there on the front of the top, only to end up realizing that as a result the back part wasn’t falling right either….This is when Vero had the perfect comment “it’s already almost perfect, I don’t want it to be perfect if it means that you will afterwards complain about how annoying it was to sew my wedding dress” (no I’m not).

The only things it takes to sew a wedding dress are :

– The biggest print-at-home pattern ever printed (64 pages patiently taped together for the skirt only), like a big big big puzzle, and of course lots of coffee. The dress is actually a combination of 2 burda patterns : the lace gown 03/2010 #112 for the skirt, and the silk tank 07/2013 #103B for the top (without the twisted straps as you might notice).


– Proper fabric, chosen together with my cousin, and a complete bargain (10 euros / meter at “Coupon St Pierre” near Butte Montmartre in Paris, i.e. 10 times cheaper than lace in any other fabric shop), and a coffee again – any effort deserves compensation



– Pinning, sewing, pinning, sewing, pinning, sewing, pinning, sewing, pinning, sewing, pinning, sewing, pinning and sewing




– Space : ‘does take a bit of space in the bedroom to sew 4 meters of silk + 4 meters of lace + 4 meters of lining (it’s not annoyanceness you see on my face, I swear)


– Try outs : on the mannequin…

IMG_0588 IMG_0590 IMG_0587

…and for the real model to try it, you also have to keep the little one busy to leave mummy alone for a few seconds


– and a wedding.



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