A few DIY ideas for sunny days

Sorry for the lack of news over the past month, I’m a true procrastinator (leaders of tomorrow some would say ;-)) and had a lot of idea without taking the time to start or finish most of them, so let’s not talk about publishing them.

The first very sunny days in Paris have clearly brought my procrastinating skills to another level, but also inspired me a few “special summer” DIY ideas.

The first project idea on my list is doing a simple fun Kimono jacket for the holidays, it looks very simple, and you can play with so many details to make you own very personal item !

Easy kimono jacket 3 Easy kimono jacket Easy kimono jacket 5

Second one is another, 50th, tote bag for the beach as well, I love the Mexican fabric one.

Summer totes Mexican tote

Third one is more general : I need to buy plain t-shirts that I can crop, dye and print random patterns on

Cropped top Random prints

…and finally, a few plantations on my window ! We’ve bought pots, loam and seeds with my boyfriend, but maybe we should have bought grown up plants instead given our level of expertise in the growing plants area. As an illustration of this statement you will find, below the pictures of what I had in mind, a picture of what our plantations look like after three weeks of care and love…

Window plantation 2  Window plantation 3  Window plantation 1

Pot de fleurs




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