Maximalism in real life

So…since last fall, there was a lot of brag about the return of maximalism on runways and in wardrobes: from the Wall Street Journal, to the Guardian, the word has been everywhere.

Living in Paris where minimalism is the  norm, where black and navy colors are everybody’s best friend, I was quite surprised to see suddenly bright colors, prints, and layers bloom . For beginners (like me), what is maximalism about? My second best friend Wikipedia would say that “the term refers to either the ostentatious displays of the extensive possessions of the super-rich or the obsessive collecting as frequently found in the behavior of garage-sale shoppers who accumulate common household goods past reason” (the second part of the sentence is leaving me quite dubious).
Whether it is for literature, music, or visual arts, maximalism refers to the elaboration of details, with tendency of excess…

In fashion terms, you would see :

– vivid colors (Celine Spring 2014)


– superposition of patterns (Celine Spring 2014, Peter Pilloto AW 2014)


– shiny (golden, silver) fabrics (Rochas, Celine, Dior)


– embellishments (Miu Miu – (here))



Similarly to its antagonist, the minimalism trend, I admire the exercise of style it represents : the subtility resides in the use of elaborated materials, unique colors, exclusive printings, and accomplished finishing techniques!


However, is it really wearable, when you have an office job and the “metro”/subway to ride everyday day? My answer is… HELL YES!!! I’ve always have been an addict to “statement” jewels or shoes, combined with classic black pants & jackets. And this type of outfits really means for me : “I rule the world, yeah!!!”. Without going for bling bling accessories, I like to choose subtle (or hope I do:)) details that resonate differently. Here a few DIY ideas that could be defined as “maximalist”, but are totally doable, classy, and colorful.The next step for me would be now to get rid of my black outfit and dare other colors and textures!

– Embellished socks by Make My Lemonade


– Gem (again) cuffs by A Pair & A Spare



– Vibrant color summer dress by Merricks Art

IMG_4593 copy

– I guess you could also retwisting this simple tribal dress with different prints maybe… by Queen of Funky

Picture 1

– Make your life as shiny as possible with your DISCO BALL HELMET as featured in Instructables



– And I guess you could take an old coat back to life with “statement thread” (Sartorialist)



(the socks look cool too!)

So, I hope you’re now ready to go from Min to Max! Have fun now!!


2 thoughts on “Maximalism in real life

  1. I consider myself to be a minimalism. In fact, I’ve never heard of the term maximalism until now, but it makes complete sense. If there is any area in my life that maximalism makes sense, it’s with my wardrobe choices. I would like experiments with bold colors and patterns. However, I don’t think I would embrace the embellished clothes, beacuse this detracts from my minimalistic values in the other aspects of my life. For instance, having those would take my time and hassle to launder.

    • I totally understand the laundering issue – I tend to choose my clothes by also considering the practical side as well…dry or hand cleaning is sometimes a no-go!

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