Cut-out back dress

I’ve been less busy than usual at work…which gave me more time for eating cheese while watching tv (completely underrated activity), but also more time to diy, hence this sewing project : an open back navy dress, to go to work, to go out, to go for a walk, to go anywhere actually.

This is one of the most time consuming project I’ve done this year (cousin’s wedding dress is out of the competition), because :

– I DID use a pattern (see Why I don’t use patterns (and why I should)), which is beautifully named “7232” (Burda)

– I decided to copy the pattern onto  a different paper instead of simply cutting it out, so that if needed one day I can use a different size (why did I do that… I guess I’m not really optimistic about my weight curve over the next 40 years)

– There were a lot of pieces to put together

– The dress didn’t fit, so I had to adjust again, again and again until it wasn’t too bad

– There were two buttons / button-holes to make (omg)

– For once I had time, so I took the time to do all the little things that make the difference (ironing, measuring the hems, trying to align the checks (as you can see on the pictures, this is a complete failure actually), etc…)

In the end it turned out to be pretty wearable, although I do feel like I can’t breath sometimes because of the verrryyy tight neckline… But come on, that’s just a detail, right?

Anyhow, below are a few pictures of the finished project :

P1070940 P1070938    P1070971 P1070977P1070952 P1070923 P1070966 P1070972

And for more inspiration, a few other ideas of open-back dresses that I would like to sew one day :

709c399855e74b23bb33e2ce45d2347e caa02da67976843c1dd35039835c4d0c

f17d996aacd23ecb56691c114a6602fd 89b9b7287b57626c50582a301f7b5fa4 0d4c1e045b39c0fbd3df40dd08998d64

b83e463baacb7d77fcbbd6a616688b94  f6a6bdc31bcc09cf2d470a9a4f15db76



4 thoughts on “Cut-out back dress

  1. Kudos on the dress. And here here on the cheese eating while watching tv. I literally sit with a block a knife and cut bits off and eat it until I realise ive nearly eaten the full block

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