Why I don’t use patterns (and why I should)

I don’t use patterns because… 

– I don’t have a printer / my printer doesn’t work (remember: printers come from hell)

– I don’t know how to cut straight : cutting the paper + cutting the fabric = too much error margin

–  There is too much temptation using fabric scissors instead of using paper scissors. Where are they??!!

– hey, wait, is it inches?

– or maybe it was centimeters?

– where is my tape?

– There is absolutely no chance that I find the pattern for the exact same Zara / Asos / Chanel dress that I saw today…

– …so I can only try my luck on my unique (divine) inspiration.

– Benchmarking designs, prices, and fabrics on all my favorite pattern websites takes approximately 72H, 10 tabs on Google Chrome, and 15 pinterests threads. This may affect my professionnal productivity, my social life, and the quality time spent with loved ones.

– I can’t take back and have a refund for the clothes I made using a pattern to the pattern editor. “In step 21.B, you should have stated that the hem needed to be exactly 3.51 cm

– The cat ate the piece F21. Or maybe it was G2.


 But I should use them because…

– My divine inspiration is only available in limited edition

– It is an efficient way to progress, learn how to craft and anticipate

– It often takes less time to print pattern/complete the pattern puzzle (referring to print-at-home 64 pages patterns)/tape/cut out pattern/pin on fabric/cut out fabric/sew, than to just cut out fabric/sew/adjust/adjust/adjust/adjust/adjust/adjust/adjust

– Printers might not come from hell

– It’s also a good way to interact with other bloggers, comparing the results using other fabrics, textures, etc…

– If my DIY project fail, I will not be the only one to blame 😉

IMG_2468 P1070746P1070590

And you, what kind of crafter are you?


5 thoughts on “Why I don’t use patterns (and why I should)

  1. I use patterns and sometimes make my own. The ones I make myself aren’t that complicated (yet). I don’t mind taping PDF patterns too much unless there are about a million different sheets and my printer decides to do funny things resulting in things that don’t align. I often work with patterns from magazines that I only need to trace before I can start, that works very well.

  2. This totally made my day to read – especially the part about having someone to share the blame with on an epic fail. 😆 I’m a wing-it type, so I’ve had one or ten of those epic fails. I usually have an idea floating in the murky depths of my creative goo, but sometimes the goo hardens and I’m forced to just go buy a pattern. So far that’s been a good way to get the creativity flowing again. I just threaten it with a store-bought pattern. 😆

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