Dressing however you like in whatever context

I’m clearly stating the obvious here, but anyone should dress anyway he/she wants. Ok…MAYBE not like that :


…but definitely why not like those ones (and I mean on a regular-day basis, not only to attend the latest fashion show) :   EngGirls3w ItWorks7018GucciCameraweb 3213yellowcoat4537Web70112Hair3342Web2 110213Broadway6496Web

I come from a town/social background where one can easily be tagged as “fashion victim” for wearing Ray Bans, and over-the-knee is already too short for any skirt or shorts ; obviously, let’s not talk about flashy colours, hair dying, crop tops, multicolour prints, etc, etc, etc …And my guess is I’m not the only one who’s had to experience this.

In this context it can be difficult to express your personal tastes and experiment new things with clothing. For me, this frustration turned into a whole lot of “what-the-fuck dressing” during my years of studying abroad (yes, I do NOT have pictures to illustrate this). It can probably be explained by the fact that I was away from anyone who had a strict idea of how I should dress, and close to people who might believe that some of my weird clothing habits at the time (layering 5 or more t-shirts & jerseys on top of each other, wearing white tights, mixing far too many colours, etc.) were just an expression of a different culture… Did you ever experience this kind of experimentation phase? It’s completely necessary + it gives you fun pictures to comment a few years later, pictures your kids will eventually find and laugh at you until the end of time (I know I found some pretty good ones of my parents wearing bellbottom pants).

Anyway, I’ve recently bumped into an article on the “sapeurs” phenomena, which made me realise that a lot of people had been much more daring than me despite not living in a pro-exentricity and/or pro-fashion environment. The sapeurs originally come from Congo (please correct me if I’m wrong), and have chosen to dress VERY elegantly in whatever context, just because they can.

You’ll find below a nice video ad picturing them (click on one of the pictures below), and if you wonder, I’m not paid to advertise for beer, I just thought you’d enjoy the video.

NGS Picture ID:1580169

Guinness 'Sapeurs' TV ad

I loved this ad (even Mandela’s favorite poem quote in the end, although I guess it’s a bit “too much” for a beer ad). Don’t you think it’s very inspiring ?



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