Easy peasy – golden cloud pin DIY

Hello followers!

In the quest for the perfect pattern for a boyfriend-jean-rehab, I made some trials with golden painting and fabrics leftover. It turned out to be a pretty cool opportunity to make small pins. Perfect for a little twist to your shirt, jackets, and everything else….


So easy and so cool!

Basically, you only need :

– paint (golden in order to rule the word)

– 3cm² of fabrics

– a nappy pin

– piece of paper (a little bit rigid)


As easy as ABC :

– cut the pattern in the paper

– press (tight) to the fabric, and brush the paint. Hold for a few seconds.

– once the painting is dry, cut out a rectangle out of the fabric


– sew on the reverse (leaving one side to be able to turn it inside out)


– sew the last side, the nappy pin, and you’re done !

You can also insert a little bit of stuffing to make it look sturdy.



The jacket is from Maison Scotch; and the shirt from American Apparel.


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