The endless possibilities dress

This project is based on a free pattern from Fine Motor Skills’ blog (one of my blogroll’s blogs), it was very simple to do and I love the result, although it’s definitely not warm enough yet to actually wear it outside of my flat.

As you can see on the pictures below, the pattern is just composed of 2 main pieces : the shorts and the 2 top straps.



The only detail I struggled with was the back, I added an elastic inside the belt because I did not really see what else I could do once I finished sewing everything, I hope it’s what I was supposed to do !

If you’re wondering why I named this article “the endless possibilities’ dress”, please know that this dress can be worn in various ways, depending on how you wrap the 2 top straps around your bust. If you look it up you will find a lot of different ways to wear this type of dress (actually, mine is not a dress, the bottoms are shorts even though it may not look like it).

Anyway, after a lot of twisting around trying different possibilities, I came up with 4 favourite styles which are displayed below. And you, which way would you prefer wearing it ?



Anyway, it’s perfect for warm summer days, actually  for VERY warm summer days, it basically feels like you’re naked since it is all stretchy and better worn without bra. It might be perfect for the beach, to wear over a bright summer suit…can’t wait to be on summer holidays !


5 thoughts on “The endless possibilities dress

  1. The strapless version looks great but does it hold at all? I tend to pull the damn thing up every minute when wearing this kind of dress…

    • You did put the finger on a tiny little problem with this version of the dress :-)…if you stretch the straps at maximum and tie it very tightly it does hold pretty well, but I guess I would wear it pinned to an invisible straps’ bra to make sur I do not spend the entire day worrying about it !

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