Best 15 alternative websites for sewing patterns

Although I still do love Burdastyle (yes I do), I’ve recently discovered a whole bunch of websites that provide alternate patterns, sometimes for free.

I think it’s great that for everything in fashion people are starting to create their own designs and sharing it with everyone, it shows that creativity is democratizing, that people wake up one morning and think “well… ‘haven’t found anything I like on the usual website, maybe I should just create something I really like by myself, ‘must not be that complicated”…that’s a pretty awesome state of mind, isn’t it?

These new (or sometimes not so new) websites can provide more modern and original patterns, one drawback is that with less experience comes more fuck-ups. I tried one (which resulted looking great) and had to fix things as I went : it’s already complicated to understand a sewing pattern from a brand that you’re used to, i guessed I did not understand completely the explanations before I started this one. So one advice : do read all the explanations until the end before you start anything and try to visualise how everything should look in the end, especially how you finish up the lining and the zipper/buttons/etc. Yes I know, this is a super basic advice and I should’ve known better…

Anyway, below you will find a list of my favorite ones, providing FREE patterns :



…providing not so free nor expensive patterns (ranked by level of awesomeness) :

  • Ralph Pink (the trendiest of all, displaying especially creative patterns but with no photography of the result…)
  • Colette Patterns (of course)





…providing far from free but great patterns :



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