Sewing basics

There are more than 10 different types of seams, did you know that? I know I didn’t…Starting to sew my cousin’s wedding dress last week had me face the fact that I lack some of those basic techniques that make an outfit look at least almost perfect.  

But for beginner-beginners, I think this video from Make My Lemonade is great to take up the basic reflexes (pinning fabric the right way, ironing as much as possible, etc.) :

It does look really easy does it? Sewing may be (a bit) scary at first, but it is very simple and you can gradually increase the difficulty of your projects. I started sewing napkins and I’m know working a wedding dress (the mother of all sewing project) ! Of course there have been / are still a significant number of failed projects (these would make a fun post actually), but I can see significant improvement on the overall.

Below are the essentials for starting sewing :

– something to cut

– something to measure

– something to draw on fabric

– pins

– thread

– sewing machine

– fabric

P1070633 P1070638 P1070640 P1070645 P1070647 P1070651


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