Lace cut out dress

Cut outs are always a good idea for a very quick yet rewarding DIY (maybe not THAT original I must say but anyway…). Here is how I pimped a 15€ H&M dress with black lace in 5 steps.


1. lay the dress on your work area (in my flat it’s the floor as you can see) and pin the back and the front together to make sur it doesn’t move when you’ll cut out the neckline

2. draw where you want the lace piece to start and cut out the neckline accordingly leave 1cm for the seam)

3. double the lace and use the cut out piece as a pattern to cut 2 exactly similar pieces (leave 2 cm the seam)

4. take the front cut out and replicate the original neckline on one piece of lace

5. sew it on the neckline (this is actually what takes the most time in this project)

And that’s it, I think I will try it with some other garment, it’s has a pretty nice reward/effort ratio !





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