Copycat-ing dresses

Here are a few tips to copy a dress you like. I tried it with a Zara green dress, copied it into a cocktail dress by using an “upgraded” fabric.



It was very easy and quite rewarding to be able to wear it at my cousin’s wedding, I actually look pretty happy wearing it :


Anyway, here are my key learnings from the process of making this dress, which could be summed up as “measure, measure and measure some more” :

1. Draw a rough pattern using see-through paper  that you will lay on the dress

2. Take as many measurements as possible of the original garment and verify that the pattern you just drew fits those measurements (you might have surprises)

3. Btw, measure also the darts and then adjust the drawn pattern to take them into account

4. Check that the finished pattern is consistent with your own body measures (just one last check), for instance add the measurements at the bottom of the top pieces and compare it with your waist size

5. Name each piece and draw marks to make sure that you assemble the pieces properly in the ends

6. Then you are ready to cut the fabric and everything, and that is when you may realise that a dress with a simple pattern is, of course, a better option

A few pictures to illustrate all of this :P1070579 P1070582 P1070583


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