Best home DIY for my new flat

Just moved in a new flat with my boyfriend, which got me looking for new home DIY ideas. I had been living in shared flats for years before that and often spotted great ideas but did not have the space to go through with any of them. Now that I can do whatever I like, I ‘ve been looking back at my favorite home DIYs, and here they are.

The first DIY on my home-decoration-to-do-list is to stick some clothespin on the wall to nicely store my jewellery and hats


Pictures are from A Pair & a Spare and A Beautiful Mess, and below is another jewellery storage idea from A Pair & a Spare.


Here are a few other ideas from Make My Lemonade, TheHouseThatLarsBuilt

MML DiamantsWatermelon mat

…and this last idea is for when I/we will actually buy a flat of our own and be able to splash painting on the walls 🙂

Dotted wall from the blog Happy Daysdot-wall-2

Minimalist customised chairs AND dotted walls from I Spy DIY websiteispyidy_printchair1

I hope this inspires you as well, feel free to share any other project you like with us !


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