Black&White&Lace Dress DIY


To go through this terribly long winter (hey, we’re from Paris, France, by the way!), I wanted to make a simple and comfortable dress that I could wear any time: at work, at a dinner party, on a lazy Sunday afternoon…Wide enough to allow myself to eat a very big meal comfortably (in case I would decide to hibernate like a marmot for example), long enough to keep me warm, and short enough to please by boyfriend (!!!).


This dress is so easy to make that I’ll probably do some other following the same pattern, with different kind of texture, fabrics, and patterns.

What you need:

–          Black, white, and lace fabrics

–          And no zip, no buttons, and no elastic!!!


The first part consists in sewing the top of the dress: cut your black fabric following the pattern of a wide t-shirt (2 pieces).

image (1)

Place and pin the two pieces on top of each other, wrong sides together. Sew the sides, and sew the hems for the sleeves and the collar.

The second part consists in sewing the bottom part of your dress.

Cut a rectangle in your lace and your white fabric: the width should match the bottom of your shirt with an additional 20cm.

Pin and place the two fabrics at the bottom of the shirt : the shirt being on the right side, and the lace and the white fabrics on the reverse.

Pin every 10 cm with little waves like this:


Sew everything, and wouheeeey you’re already done!


NB: this dress might or might not be related to the fact I needed a dress to go and see an opera in Venice… 


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