The serendipity skirt DIY

I am not the type of person who gets everything right at the first trial – especially when I am trying to make something with my own little hands. I am the type of person who does not look for reaching perfection – setting this goal is just something too big, too scary for me. I am the type of person who likes the action of “making”, “doing”, “crafting”, because there is nothing like the feeling of getting things “made”, “done”, “crafted”. Even if it happens to look edgy, avant-garde, or ugly, the creation in itself gives me enough satisfaction to be worthy.


This was a little introduction to a very simple, cute skirt I made ACCIDENTALLY.


I wanted to make a simple straight, above the knee skirt, but it was too wide and it looked quite old-fashioned. So I decided to shorten it, but I was afraid to cut it too short (because shit also happens). So I folded it, made little stitches, and hid the stitches by pins…and whaaaat! The fold brings a nice volume to the skirt, and the pins just bring a rock’n’roll touch!

This DIY project is not well documented by pictures because it was a “oops” creation, but this is far the most simple project you will probably ever do…


Instructions :

Cut a rectangle in the fabric :
– height : from your waist to the knee + 7 cm for the hems
– width : your waist + 10 cm


Sew the hem on the high side, with some space for your elastic band. Do it also on the bottom side if needed.

Insert the elastic with the help of a chopstick or a knitting needle. Adjust the length of the elastic depending how wide you want it to be, then cut the remaining part and sew the side of the skirt all along.

Fold the bottom of the skirt, and sew little stitches (where you want the pins to be : I did it bottom and high alternatively)

And here you are!

To conclude, I’d like to say/sing, that some things GET GOOD :


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