The Barcelona Blouse DIY


I don’t know what was on my mind when I bought this fabric. I literally fell in love with this polyester red and blue striped material. However, when I went back home and decided to make a blouse out of it, it just struck me in the middle of the process: it ***king looks like a soccer shirt. And I googled “red and blue striped soccer”, and stumbled upon this:

Messi Barcelona

And I asked my roommate what she thought about it (I was almost done), and she agreed. And she doesn’t know ANYTHING about soccer. I was disappointed, tired, and sad, so I hung up the unfinished t-shirt on my rack…

And later that day, my (wonderful) boyfriend (and HUGE soccer fan) came over, laid on my bed, and looked at it: him: “is it new?” , me: “yes, but I don’t want to talk about it” (grumpy face), him: “but I was going to say it’s pretty!”. This wonderful boy showed me that you could take any fabric (striped or color block) and make it look like a soccer shirt, but NEVERMIND, as long as you know how to assort it.

So I added the folded hem (for a nice, sophisticated touch) and a collar with a bow (to break to uniform stripes)…a feminine touch to a non-simple pattern to wear.

And now, I love it!



Fold your fabric in half, and cut along an existing flared t-shirt (preferably without separated sleeves), leaving approximately 4 cm both sides for the hem. Pin & sew.



Adjust the depth of the collar as desired.


For the sleeves (optional : you can also make a regular hem):

Cut two rectangles : take the width of your sleeves, and let the height be 5 cm.
Pin the rectangles all along the sleeves : let the blouse on the right side, and pin the rectangle on the its reverse.
Then fold the rectangle so you can see the right side, and pin it on the reverse of the sleeve. Then sew again, and you will see one sewing on the right side. Got it?


Do the same with the collar. Don’t hesitate to cut again two rectangles, so you will sew from the middle of the back to the point of the collar. Leave approximately 1 cm at the end of the point of the collar on both side, so you will add and sew extra fabric to make the bow.


Cut again two rectangles to match the end of the collar. Take the same width, and add the desired length (I took 20cm). Take a rectangle, fold in on the reverse, and sew everything except one side. Turn in on the right side, and sew it to the end of the collar. Do the same with the other rectangle.

And now, make a bow!



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