Style rule model : Frida Kahlo

I’ve tries twice already to go see this exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris about Diego Riveira and Frida Kahlo, but there’s always a very discouraging 2 hours queue…I must admit i am completely fascinated by her story and style.

In fact Kahlo had completely understood what style is about : her personal way of dressing allowed her to express her taste for her country and art, while focusing the attention on her outstanding beauty and personality, away from her handicapped body. Her dresses were the attire of a powerful woman, in particular she would not leave traditional Tehuana dresses, origining from a matriarcal society, and would not hesitate to dress in a man suit for a family picture.



Frida never tried to comply with mainstream beauty rules, in the long periods over which she was left alone with herself, she learnt to love every aspect of herself, including her famous monobrow.

The exhibition held in her house and entitled “Appearances can be deceiving” allowed visitors to contemplate the wooden structures that would help stand up and bear thé continuous pain she was enduring since a tragic road accident at age 18. Over this rigid shell, as unflexible as her will and courage, Frida Kahlo would lay petticoats, shirts and necklaces as colourful as her paintings and personality.



After her death, Diego Riveira asked that her clothes should be locked for 15 years, he apparently understood that preserving them was protecting a tiny part of Frida Kahlo’s soul. Nowadays, Frida Kahlo clearly goes on inspiring young generations.





2 thoughts on “Style rule model : Frida Kahlo

    • Je viens d’aller voir ça, très réussi le déguisement, si c’est bien toi on ne te reconnait mm pas! Ton blog est chouette aussi, d’ailleurs la mise en page est assez originale, tu as codė le thème toi même ou c’est fourni par une plateforme type wordpress?

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