10 great websites for fashion crafting lovers

The Sartorialist : it has become a classic now, the best street style blog ever existing, with astonishing pictures displaying real people with great style, a good start to get ideas about how to pimp your style


Asos : the widest trendiest clothing online store, always good to get fresh ideas of things that are expensive when they could be done in a few minutes at home…the only problem being that I always end up wanting to actually buy a lot of stuff that is not DIYable


Lookbook : also a great place for inspiration, although slightly self-conscious pics most of the time


– Pinterest : best place ever to get inspired for new crafting and sewing projects, need a red dress ? type “red dress” in the search text box and here you go : hundreds of pictures of red dresses that other people have singled out for you

Vert d'eau 1 Pinterest Regards et Maisons

I Spy DIY : a famous DIY blog, with lots of simple DIY ideas


Burdastyle : online sewer community, a website on which you can show off anything you’ve sewn, get inspired by other sewers, download free & cheap patterns as well as learn about new sewing techniques


Etsy : a marketplace for crafters, another place where you can pick new projects ideas


A Beautiful Mess : a great blog by 2 sisters who cook, sew, make shelves as much as cocktails and wedding dresses…a very beautiful blog that will make you wish you had more free time


A Pair & a Spare : a very nice DIY blog, with classy fashion DIY ideas and polished pictures


Vogue : always a good place to study your basics and discover new designers



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