About Lazercrafts

First, why “lazercrafts” : because I love DIYing anything, but I love it even more when I end up making something edgy, stylish, original, that reflects modern trends as well as my personality. Thus, “lazercrafts” is to be opposed to any crafting activity that involves outdated techniques : crochet, salt dough, and so on… (that may be updated again in a few years it’s true, since as you may know already fashion is an eternal resumption).

DIY – before :


DIY – after :


Then, why lazercrafts, I mean, why the blog in itself : first because I do feel the need to brag about all the great DIY projects I work on, and then because I believe fashion has to be redefined to stop being a way of standardising and classifying people :

– Fashion is an art (not only an industry), and as any other art, fashion should be respected, admired, and studied. As any other art, fashion is not only an internal resumption, it has its genius, its revolutionaries, and its magicians

– Fashion is the only art with the constraint of accompanying people in the day to day life, that is why clothes have to be practical and sustainable. Techniques used to improve comfort, robustness, and environmental impact of clothing lines also say a lot about the society evolution

– Indeed, fashion is the reflect of an evolving society. True fashion genius are the ones who managed to have a whole society jump 10 years with a sole piece of fabric : from the first women suit to bikinis, fashion as always reflected upon people’s life and mindset



– Clothes are a way to show off one’s personality (not one’s social background) and HAVE FUN, and a such clothing line and trends should be creative and diverse, and not only stick to reflecting a fallen dreamy age when the society was completely segregated (you may think of Ralph Lauren here)

– Clothing is also a way to highlight one’s best assets (not hide one’s little imperfections that make him/her stand out), and for this reason only stylist that manage to make any woman feel beautiful should be respected (I mean, creating halloween costumes or clothing lines for hangers has never been a challenge)


Bref, that sums it up more or less, and these are the main reasons for the different types of article you will find on my blog : about fashion history, fashion genius, great street style pictures, portraits of style gourous, DIY projects ideas, etc…


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